SEPTEMBER 21, 2018


September 21, 2018 - Solar System Ultimate

Our Solar system consists of many different elements, which through time have come together to create new worlds. These worlds have fascinated humankind since the first of us gazed upon these stars with wonder. Tempting each of us to venture further, and discover more. When we were designing Solar System Ultimate, we wanted to create a product that captured and entertained this intimate human experience of wonder and curiosity.

solar system ultimate

You and your friends can now take a trip around the solar system together, experience and learn about our galactic neighborhood.

Each piece of the Solar System Ultimate is a beautiful and finely-detailed 3D printed model of a planet or moon; each can be brought to life through our Augmented Reality (AR) experience.

solar system ultimate

AstroReality - is a collective of scientists, astronomy enthusiasts, designers, and tech geeks, who are deeply committed to finding and creating innovative and creative technology to shape the way people interact and learn. Solar System Ultimate, is the latest product from AstroReality. Our previous projects include a detailed replica of the moon and Earth which are respectively called - LUNAR and EARTH. Hailed as “the best way to learn about the moon without actually visiting it” by Gizmodo—and praised by the likes of WIRED, Mashable, and The Next Web.

“Solar System Ultimate is the best and newest way of learning about our Solar System with ground-breaking Augmented Reality technology, perfect for tech-savvy future generations. The precision and accuracy of the hardware coupled with the most comprehensive and interactive experience brought out by the AstroReality app will blow people’s mind.”

-Joanne Dai, Co-founder of AstroReality

Solar System Ultimate follows that of EARTH and LUNAR’s immersive AR experiences, this time with an in-depth AR experience of 10 planets and 8 moons in our Solar System. The interactive experience not only covers necessary surface information, but also goes into detail about each celestial body, such as what it is made up of, and what NASA and other space agencies have been studying.

solar system ultimate

Solar System Ultimate, is about exploring the cosmos and discovering new worlds. Just point your smartphone’s camera at one of the Solar System Ultimate models to unlock a compelling and visually stunning AR experience, where you can learn about all corners of our planet—past, present, and future.

“Our Solar System is so much more than it's eight planets. Asteroids, Comets, Moons and dwarf planets have proven to be some of the most fascinating and dynamic places of all. With the Solar System Ultimate, the best of these worlds can be in your hands.”

-Dr. J.R. Skok, Planetary Scientist, SETI Institute, Science Advisor, AstroReality

solar system ultimate

"Exploring the world around us is a great scientific journey. To make this journey, to other planets in our solar system and beyond, we'll need imagination. However, imagination sometimes is not enough because the reality of the universe is far more wondrous than anything imaginable. By leveraging advanced education technology, AstroReality offers a unique way of learning that brings the greatest imaginations and discoveries of humanity into the reality in your palm."

-Dr. Jiang Zhu, EdTech Advisor, AstroReality

solar system ultimate

About AstroReality

We are a team of astronomy enthusiasts, designers, and tech geeks, who are committed to innovation and use technology and creativity to shape the way people interact with science. AstroReality is our global consumer brand with an interactive experience in space exploration.


unveils Solar System Ultimate, the most detailed, AR-enhanced Solar System Set


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