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Press Release

Along with the unveiling of our products, AstroReality illustrates the next steps in pursuing elevated reality, helping develop a better understanding of our universe, and inspire dreaming beyond the stars.

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Solar System to Scale

The collective human understanding of our Solar System captured with the highest precision, to inspire and entertain the opportunity of adventure for our future.

NASA Series

AstroReality is proud to announce the unveiling of the NASA Series - NASA AR Notebook and NASA AR Space Mug, with the intent of honoring NASA’s iconic history and its 60th anniversary.


AstroReality illustrates the next giant steps with the unveiling of MARS Pro - the high-resolution, AR-enhanced planet model of Mars.

Solar System Ultimate Set

AstroReality unveils Solar System Ultimate Set, the full-color 3D printed, AR-enhanced Solar System Models of Planets and Moons.


AstroReality unveils EARTH, the most detailed, hand painted, and AR-enhanced globe chronicling our planet’s 4.5 billion year story - and is funded in 2 hours on

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Introducing the world’s first Lunar smart model that gives you a stunning astronaut's view of the Moon within the touch of a finger - and is 500% funded on

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