MARS AR Notebook
Turning the New Page of Mars Exploration

Mars AR Notebook

Mars has captured our imagination for generations and is now the focus of a fleet of spacecraft
exploring its deepest secrets and grandest features. These features are now yours to explore with
Augmented Reality as you record your journey with the Mars AR Notebook. Specs >


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AR Roaming Mars Attractions

Use Augmented Reality technology to wake up Ares, Greek God of War. Experience
360° rotation of Mars from a close angle, and feel this beautiful planets surface.

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Meet the Martian Rovers

Visit Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in the solar system. Take a journey to the Valles Marineris,
the longest canyon in the solar system. The Martian landscape is yours to explore.
Meet the Martian Rovers, Curiosity and Opportunity, as they rove across the planet.

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Feel the Largest Canyon
of the Solar System

3D embossed print of the the most spectacular landscape in the solar system
Touch the magnificent "scar" on the surface of Mars, the largest and longest canyon
in the solar system, Valles Marineris.
High-precision printing process, shows off the unique landscape of Mars in the solar system.
High-quality hardcover cover and binding.
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Mars Theme in Action

  • AR cover features Ares, the god of war in Greek mythology, who is known to the ancient Romans as Mars.
  • His armors are the symbol of strength and power.
  • Photo of the Curiosity rover is printed on the front page.

A Notebook with Fine Details

Dream with the planet of Mars,
record your life and imprint your journey on its pages. Specs >

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Feedback from our Customers
Zanne September 22, 2019
Beauty, quality, functionality, and ...of course, top nerd cred, too!
“This Mars notebook, as well as the other NASA books, such as the lunar one, are just spectacular. They are a perfect size - big enough for lots of notes, lists, drawings, thoughts, records - small enough to tuck into side pockets of bags or cases or a purse. The paper is high quality and thick enough to use both sides. The pen does not bleed through. The whole item is top quality. The book is study without being too thick or heavy. And the real photos are glorious and rich rendering. It’s absolutely beautiful and striking and people notice every time I pull it out to use. The additional education or interest value from NASA, accessed by using a phone scan on printed pages inside the cover is super cool and interesting too. It’s a fabulous item. I bought it in multiples because it’s just so great!”
Connor Matherne June 28, 2019
WOW! - Talk about exceed expectations
“I love Mars, always have. I was really looking for something to just jot down some notes in while in the lab- nothing too crazy and figured this would do the job. It comes with Mars on it, so that must be a bonus, right? I did not expect it to be this high of quality though. The "embossing" is not only very apparent, but very accurate as well. I don't know how they did, that, but I constantly find myself just tracing my fingers along with the cover throughout the day. Pages are also great, the paper isn't too thin so it won't bleed while I write on it even if you use heavier ink pens like myself. In addition, the addition of both blank and graph paper is great. Didn't think I would use graph paper in a notebook so much until I had it. Now I won't go back!”
Anne May 22, 2019
So unique. I love it.
“The Mars notebook was given to me as a gift. It's beautiful. The interactive quality of my phone is fascinating. It's a special place for my feelings...a safe place for my best thoughts that won't be discarded by my descendants. It might help them know who I was. It's a great gift if you have a future Martian in your family. Give them a special place to preserve their planetary goals and aspirations. They will also love learning via interactive options. Considering all you get, the price is reasonable too.”