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Solar System Mini Set

Explore the solar system with Solar System Mini featuring all the planets plus Pluto.
The planets are 3cm models and are precision made using 3D printing technology.
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Solar System Mini

Solar system mini model scaleSolar system mini model scale

Augmented Reality for Solar System Mini Set

Bring your solar system model to life with the augmented reality app. It is packed with
information and lets you explore space scenery, planetary features, and more. Specs >

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Every planet in the solar system has character. We translate that character onto every mini model
giving you the opportunity to experience the solar system up close. Specs >

Be Inspired

Space exploration and discovery is exciting, and it captures the
imagination. Continue your journey with the Solar System Mini.
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Each planet in the Solar System Mini set is created
with an unrivalled attention to detail and expert precision.
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Enhancing the Experience

Use the Augmented Reality app: AstroReality to enhance the experience by adding additional
features to the planets, like the atmosphere of the Earth or the rings around Saturn. Specs >

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