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Integrating EARTH into STEM

Making learning a group experience, and empowering students to learn through immersive content and understand data in a visual way. After learning, students can then apply the new information into real-world scenarios, and guide themselves through experience-based educational projects.

An adventure around the world

Explore our blue planet throughout time and space with interactive EARTH globe and our augmented reality app. With version 2.0, EARTH adds new a vast amount of new content in humanities growth, geology distributions, migrational movements of animals, climate patterns, and more.

Locations new
Geology new
Humanity new

Travel around the world by taking a look at the main cities from the GaWC World Cities Research Network. In EARTH 2.0, we added more than 100 new cities for you to explore.

Learn about the creatures on our planet with geographic location and historical timeline since the 19th century using comprehensive GBIF animal data source.

  • interior
  • volcanoes
  • rivers

Updated and added even more in-depth NASA data and research on the geology of Earth, including volcanoes distribution, World’s Top 10 River plus Top 10 Lake distribution, and more.

  • interior
  • volcanoes
  • rivers

Go back in time and see humanities growth around the world from 1950 to the current data from 2018, also showing how humanity's effect on CO2 levels and the effects it has had on our planet.

Augmented Reality

To explore the interactive Earth globe, simply open AstroReality Earth augmented reality app, and point your camera at your 3D-printed model of Earth for a deeply immersive experience.

AstroReality Earth App
AstroReality Earth App icon
AstroReality Earth
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Intricate Details

We use polyresin density, 3D-printing, and precise paint pigment ratios to bring surface details of our EARTH oceans, mountains, and lands to life.

earth 3D printed model

Printing level height down to 0.05 millimeters

Up to 0.006 millimeters per pixel precision printing accuracy

Printing error precision of 0.025 millimeters

98%+ modeling accuracy achieved through unique PU Resin


EARTH is made with eco-friendly paint and a sustainable production process. We use the finest and latest 3D printing technology, with a precision of 0.025 millimeters and a printing resolution of 4000 DPI. Each unit is finished with an expert, hand-painted layer to bring the lush details of our Earth to life.


We are passionate about our planet - it’s the only home we have. Educating ourselves and future generations about our planet is vital to ensuring a prosperous future and a beautiful world. Our unique and interactive 3D-printed globe EARTH is designed with STEM education in mind. As a pioneering educational toy, EARTH accurately portrays the irreversible changes that are vastly important for us - from global warming and glacial recession to the effects and extinction of its animals and wildlife. Arm yourself with the knowledge to help preserve our planet.

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