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STEM AstroReality

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At AstroReality we feel that our Augmented Reality technology can and
already has provided STEM education in an all-new unique manner.
With our tactile approach to improving learning retention for all students,
we know that we can inspire students and
encourage them to learn with every experience.

Learn with AstroReality

Learn with AstroReality

AstroReality’s Education solution is a technology bridge between tactile
and digital experiences. We are constantly updating the information to
better engage and inspire discovery of our planet and our solar system.
The AstroReality solution is for 7th graders all the way up to
the college level and beyond.

Hands-on Engagement

Holding a solid object in your hands engages the brain in a way that a digital
experience will never be able to replicate.

AR-enabled App

AstroReality is a technology company, we innovate, and we aim to pioneer and help
educators utilize the new technology opportunities.
With each of our applications, we integrate both Augmented Reality and tactile
experiences, creating a one of a kind learning experiences.

The 4 C's

  • Collaboration

    By bringing students together and empowering them to collaborate effectively in person, students learn by engaging with each other. Teachers are then able to promote open-ended interaction and learning through discovery.

  • Communication

    As students work together to master the various challenges they learn to focus on team cooperation, gain a social and emotional understanding of their peers, begin to recognize the strengths of others in the group, and lay the foundations of leadership skills.

  • Creativity

    By incorporating real-world objects with Augmented Reality, students are not limited by the app's programming to discover and find interesting features on each planet. Enabling them to ask questions and find answers on.

  • Critical Thinking

    Directly engaging a student’s curiosity and creativity is our goal. We create challenging experiences, that require out of the box thinking and a group to solve. Working alone or in groups, our education platform provides the right amount of challenge, for everyone involved.

Teach with AstroReality

Earth’s Structure / Earth’s History / Geologic Processes / Energy on Planet Earth,
Water / Earth’s Atmosphere / Weather and Climate / Life Science / Introduction to Living Things,
Ecology / Plants / Plate tectonics / Oceans / Glaciers / Fresh Water

Explorer Experience and Expedition Mode

AstroReality in your classroom

We designed an education solution in which enables teachers to utilize the included
topics or create custom lessons of their own.

Request a quoteFind the best option for your needs
  • Models in classrooms

    Models in classrooms

    Depending upon the classroom size we offer different packages.
    The Explorer package is a model for each student.
    The Expedition Package one model per 2-4 students

  • Software license

    Software license

    AstoReality software subscription is a yearly subscription model, in which subscribers get access to all of the technology and content that AstroReality has to offer.

  • Co-lesson plans

    Co-lesson plans

    Our lessons are designed to engage and challenge students in new ways, but teachers often need to customize each lesson for the class or more preferably for each student. We offer ways for teachers to customize and make their own lessons using our content.

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