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About AstroReality

The Story of AstroReality

Founded in January of 2017, AstroReality was created to transform education through the use of the emerging technologies. We believe that education is the perfect place to integrate technology and tactile learning experiences to provide students with a unique perspective and interaction while also allowing them to benefit from the vast collections of data, maps and information that is at their fingertips. Our augmented reality enabled planetary models were just the first taste of how we will make science and education come alive in your hands.



AstroReality uses emerging augmented reality technology to transform education by enhancing real, physical artifacts with interactive digital experiences. We will put the planets in your hands and bring them to life, with the data and stories of science and exploration.


Digital information has revolutionize education and science outreach, but often at the cost having a real physical connection to the experience. We envision using augmented reality to bridge this potential.

We can enhance real scientific artifacts, models and maps with the digital datasets that are constantly improving and updating. This combination of the real and the digital will create the next stage of educational progress as we take advantage of senses and data resources to help students of all ages engage with scientific exploration.

What We Have Made

We have developed the most accurate 3D printed model of the Moon. Then we paired that with augmented reality to allow our users to interact with astronomical objects and planets in an entirely new way.

We launched the LUNAR Pro model on Indiegogo and reached 500% funding from our supporters to make this dream become real. From this success, we expanded our product line to the Solar System Mini set and then to EARTH. The much more ambitious EARTH model was quickly to over 600% on Kickstarter. We are now delivering the EARTH experience and educational platform and developing an exciting array of future products that we are excited to share with you.

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